This week I am giving away one copy of
Matt Mikalatos’ newest book:
Night of the Living Dead Christian

Winner chosen at random will be announced at 10:00PM, Sunday.

Here’s the deal ….
CONTEST:   YOU write the story …
Each comment will be the next line in the story!

To enter:
1)  Read the comments below – specifically the most recent comment.
** I will open the story with the first comment which will be the first few lines from chapter 1 of Night of the Living Dead Christian, by Matt Mikalatos.
2)  Add your ONE SENTENCE comment as your version of what the next line in the story should be. *Please continue the story from the previous comment only.
3)  Share a link to this contest/post on your Facebook or Twitter (use buttons below).
Note: I will remove any comments I see as inappropriate.

Have fun.     Ready …. Set … WRITE!

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  2. Lori Behrens says:

    (The following excerpt from Night of the Living Dead Christian, by Matt Mikalatos)
    Monsters don’t exist. I had been telling myself that for nearly a week. But it was the sort of night you could almost believe in them. …….

  3. zzzisle says:

    people were walking around the neighbourhood in monster-like costumes/masks.

  4. You might think it was Halloween, but it wasn’t, it was July 17th.

  5. Ariel Porter says:

    On any other night I could have brushed it off as no big deal, but there was just something about this night that was not quite right.

  6. Steve Behrens says:

    I kept pinching myself to make sure that I was awake. It seemed like one of those dreams that was actually real.

  7. Melissa Porter says:

    But it was so real, the night was dark and I keep hearing the voices…

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